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About Us

Ruskalicious, by The Protea Cakery, was established in March 2018 by Melissa and Andries. We specialise in traditional, home made rusks, like our ouma used to bake it. 

It is guaranteed to bring back the best childhood memories and satisfy your taste buds.

From a young age, Andries baked rusks at home in South Africa to serve as a snack at home and especially for camping holidays.


For the past 25 years Andries has perfected the art of baking rusks. With the help of Melissa's pastry knowledge, which she acquired during her work service at Sky City's Main Pastry Kitchen, she added the final touches to our recipes.


We just couldn't keep this deliciousness to ourselves and decided to share it with you.


Since March 2018, we have been selling our rusks online and been shipping across New Zealand. As the word began to spread fast, so did the demand for our rusks, so now we supply some shops across New Zealand, bringing the deliciousness closer to you.

Currently, Ruskalicious rusks are available in six varieties:

★ Buttermilk

★ Boerebeskuit

★ Aniseed

★ Gesondheids / Health Without Raisins

★ Gesondheids / Health With Raisins

★ Chocloate Chip & Walnut

★ Gluten Free Buttermilk

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konnekt Magazine

We are super excited to share this big milestone with you all.

We were approached by konnektnz who did an article on us and our

baking business.

They have just issued the first publication of their magazine, Konnekt,

and we are proudly featuring on page 16-17 - Empire of the Rusk.

Feel free to share the magazine around.

Konnekt Ruskalicious